Aurora World, an emerging leader in the global content industry, has been at the top of the global plush toys market with its outstanding design capabilities and network. Based on its global business capabilities accumulated over nearly 40 years, Aurora World has been developing its own IPs such as "YooHoo and Friends", "YooHoo to the Rescue" and "Cuby Zoo" and is transforming into a global content group. With effective sales operations in the US, UK, Hong Kong and China, Aurora World derives over 80 percent of its annual revenue from overseas.

Seeking : Co-production, Investment, Licensing

YooHoo to the Rescue

Production Year_ 2019
Eps × Min_ 52 × 11
Genre_ Adventure
Definition_ HD



Production Year_ 2021
Eps × Min_

Music Video 4 × 3, Vlog Shorts 100 × 1
Genre_ Music
Definition_ HD


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