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As the owner of diverse TV channels and OTT platform, TVING, CJ ENM has an impressive platform and enviable distribution within our business. We’re known as creators of must-see TV shows and have developed a loyal and expanding fan base in Korea and around the world. With production expertise and global network perfected and expanded over the past two decades, CJ ENM is taking the lead in the diversification and globalization of Korean content worldwide. Based on its unrivalled capabilities in content planning, production, and marketing, CJ ENM has rolled out an array of innovative and original entertainment shows such as ‘I Can See Your Voice’, ‘Grandpas over Flowers’and drama series such as ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’, ‘Crash Landing on You’, and ‘Vincenzo’, delivering must-see television to k-content lovers and reinforcing its influence in the content market. CJ ENM is also a recognized film investment & distribution company possessing mega-hit titles, including ‘Ode to My Father,’ ‘Veteran’ and Academy Award winning ‘Parasite’.


#Content Buyer (Finished/Format)


Sangyun Kim




Production Year 2021
Eps × Min 14 × 70
Genre Dating Reality

A dating show where EX couples live together in order to look for love while keeping their past relationship a secret!

4 EX couples who keep their past relationship a secret, live together to look for love. Singles are free to express their emotions freely during their stay but cannot reveal who their ex is. Heart flutters, jealousy, the pull ofthe known vs the pull of the new, the mixed emotions of falling in love with someone new or perhaps falling for the ex again, will the singles find love while living with their EX?



Production Year 2015
Eps × Min 12 × 60
Genre Music Game Show

What does a good singer look like?

Can you tell someone’s singing ability by the way they look?

Seven mystery singers, all with different singing abilities. Among them, there are talented singer, and then... there are truly horrible singers. Based on three rounds of hints, the guest star has to figure out who can carry a tune and who cannot. After every round, the guest star eliminates 2 mystery singers and the final remaining mystery singer will get to sing a duet with the guest star. Did the guest star make the right choice? Will the duet partner be a good singer or just a great imposter who can’t carry a note? - Licensed to 23 Countries, including USA, Spain, Canada, Russia, Spain, UK, Germany and the Netherlands.


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