Since its foundation in 2009, HongDangMoo INC. has grown steadily through the business of design, publishing, and educational content. Since 2012, it has placed its focus on animation business through story development and planning and its future value on global licensing and new technology convergence.
Now, HongDangMoo INC. has taken its role as a hub to link education and entertainment based on its long and valuable experience on education content design.
HongDangMoo INC. has been recognized and given numerous awards by government offices for its high growth and content quality.

Seeking : Distributors, Investors

Magic Adventures :
The Crystal of Dark

Production Year_ 2017
Eps × Min_ 52 × 11
Genre_ Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Definition_ Full HD, 3D


Animal Rescue

Production Year_ 2020
Eps × Min_ 52 × 11
Genre_ Action, Comedy
Definition_ Full HD, 3D


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