LOCO is for “A Heart of Dreams” by the innocence of childhood.
We are specialized in Kids contents with full of experts in kids entertainment with providing both arts and business excellency from our unique planning & strategy approach and efficient production know-how to create characters.
We’ve been further expanding our business area with unique IPs, <Princess Pring>, <Snowcat> and <Kystar> from animation, music, toys, books, apps, musical performance, merchandising and licensing to new media, with our extensive experience in creating kids and educational media.
We are continuously endeavoring to be a beloved kids contents provider by children all over the world further.

Seeking : Co-Production, Distributor, Licensing/Merchandising Agency


Princess Pring In the Birthday Kingdom

Production Year _ 2018
Eps × Min _ 39 × 11
Genre _ Musical Fantasy Adventure
Definition _ HD



Production Year _ 2020
Eps × Min _ 52 × 11
Genre _ Situation Comedy
Definition _ HD



Production Year _ 2020
Eps × Min _ 52 × 11
Genre _ Superheroic Adventure
Definition _ HD

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