The MESE was founded in 2004. Since then we have been trying to develop new ideas and character designs by ourselves. As our Corporate Motto is ‘WE MAKE IDEAS A REALITY’, our Design-Team started to develop our own IP-Characters called Mochitown, that have been proven a success so far in form of various Merchandising Products. But we did not settle with this success and started to develop these characters in our own animation. So far, we experimented with Puppet show& Stopmotion Animation. The advantages of this kind of animation in comparison to 2D, 3D are, that can it be done fast, easy and with low cost and still can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter which age.

Seeking : Find partners for the project in development / Investors


Camem&Bert's Food Truck


Production Year_ 2022
Eps × Min_ 26 × 5.5
Genre_ Educational comedy about cooking
Definition_ HDA

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