Mostapes is a content creation company located in Seoul, Korea. Since 2012, we have been further increasing our professionalism through original IP creation, animation production, game development, and commercial work.
Our goal is providing high-quality content that brings laughter to the world. To realize the vision, Mostapes works closely with global partners in the entertainment industry who share the same dream.
While searching for other collaborative opportunities, Mostapes is channeling the passion into original IP productions such as the preschool show <Chippyhood> and the comedy-action series <Iron Dragon>.

Seeking : Every Opportunity


Iron Dragon

Production Year_ In Development
Eps × Min_ 52 × 11
Genre_ Comedy-Action
Definition_ 2D



Production Year_ In Development
Eps × Min_ 104 × 5
Genre_ Preschool
Definition_ 2D



Production Year_ 2020
Eps × Min_ 104 × 2
Genre_ Comedy
Definition_ 2D

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